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Polish JJ.

KyodoKyokushin Organisation in Poland officially recognised by Goverment Sport Federation!!! Official registration in Polish JuJitsu Federation!!!
Coordinator of this project is Sensei Kamil Bazelak (IBU Country Coordinator Poland). This is big step for our Organisation. From this moment all KyodoKyokushin events will be support by official Polish Sport Federation.
International Budokai Union KyodoKyokushin

New BC in Sweden.

We are very happy to inform that Shihan Kourosh Doroudianfar 7 Dan (Kickboxing) from Sweden joined International Budokai Union. Shihan lead very big Organisation in his country. He became official Branch Chief of IBU in Sweden. Welcome Shihan and we wish You all the best on our KyodoKyokushin way.


International Budokai Union KyodoKyokushin

Karate do tournament.

Last weekend in Nicaragua took place Karate Do National Tournament. Fighters from IBU Branch Nicaragua (Branch Chief Sensei Carlos Javier Martin) got 4 medals in this event. Congratulations.


International Budokai Union KyodoKyokushin

IBU seminar in Congo.

On 20 - 21 March in Democratic Republic of Congo took part first IBU KyodoKyokushin technical seminar. Main instructor was Sensei Rudy Kabamba Yampanya (Branch Chief IBU). Congratulations.


International Budokai Union KyodoKyokushin